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Interior paint and decorative finishes

Throughout our history, we have undertaken painting and finishing work in both the Region of Murcia and throughout the entire national territory. We have completed jobs in shopping centres, hotels, franchises, supermarkets, hospitals, airports, etc, all with extraordinary results.

With our more than proven experience, we carry out our work in complete coordination with, and adaptation to, the needs of our clients, particularly given that, in these sectors, any interruption or alteration of business activity/opening hours is simply not an option.

At Decoman we use the latest paint application systems and techniques. Nowadays, product innovation is a constant, to cater for which we have a technical department that allows us to assess and advise our customers on the very the best finishing option in each case.


  • Application of interior paint (Plastics, vinyl, etc).
  • Application of special paint.
  • Levelling walls (Finishes Q2,Q3 and Q4).
  • Treatment and protection of metal elements.
  • Treatment and protection of wood.
  • Painting and signage of paving.
  • Treatment and protection of brick and stonework.
  • Painting of sports pitches.
  • Microcement.
  • Venetian stucco, waxing/polishing, etc.
  • Wall-papering.
  • Laying of vinyl and textile wall coverings.
  • Laying fibreglass veil.
  • Application of kitchen/bathroom paint.

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